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   This site is fully made in Russian, but I wanna take care about English-speaking readers so I decided to write this article. Here u can find digest of my site which is called "The Nest". Then the pages can be translated with the help of ur program-translator or IF U HAVE NO SUCH PROGRAM, u can write to me with the link on the page u want to be translated.

  • NEW!!! The ancient literature. Author: M. Diachock
  • The Feeling of Love in the Cross-cultural Perspective. Prepared from: Skolnick A.S. The Intimate Environment: Exploring Marriage and the Family.
  • Magic Diary. A story
  • Kid's Pictures. They can be interpreted in a very funny way if u gonna interprete them from the point of view of psychology. Humour page
  • Double Pictures. What do u see on these pictures? A rabbit or a duck? Cute page
  • Cute Pictures
  • The Choice of the Crafter. Don't u ever know that u have to make a choice, whoever u r - the crafter or a simple man? A story
  • The Words Erasing from the Mind... A poem
  • The Wish. How to wish in the right way. An extract from the forum
  • The Kagju's Ritual Dancing.
  • Different Pictures
  • Smile
  • The Old Edda
  • "A Battle Machine" by Anatoly Taras
  • "The Secrets of Reincarnation"
  • "Dao of Winnie-the-Pooh" by Benjamin Hoff
  • "100 Main Secrets"
  • "Astral Travels for Beginners" by Richard Webster
  • "Virtual Reality" by Fransis Hammet. Digest
  • "The Structural Vamirology"
  • "Book of Shadows". Now in English
  • "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Now in English


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